15 October 2011

Sepia Saturday 96: Lane's Mill

The following photos are a then and, unfortunately, not so much now. Followed by a stroll down Wallace Road ca 1983.  A history of Lane's Mill can be found at Darrtown, Ohio

Lane's Mill ca 1931
The Mill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 but not maintained.  Only a skeleton of the original Mill remains as can be seen on Wikipedia's Lane's Mill article.

Google Maps, Lane's Mill and Wallace Road showing the remains of Lane's Mill
© 2011 Google Maps

And now for a virtual stroll along Wallace Road ca 1983 when the old Mill still stood proudly facing the setting sun.

Wallace Road is to the right - a single lane road that snakes around the farm property and mill.
Lane's Mill, ca 1983

Barn opposite Lane's Mill

Returning home to the setting of the sun.

The Wallace Road images were scanned from slides with minimal-no processing.  It is a rare treat to see some of these old slides again!  I can't wait to see more and have more of my image collection available in digital form.

Thanks to Sepia Saturday for providing the inspiration to continue digitizing.  It is great fun to look through images for ones that might match the weekly theme.  I'm off-theme this week as I am awaiting permissions to use some WWII photographs - perhaps another time.  More on the theme of kidneys, World War II, cooks, strange outfits or anything else can be found at Sepia Saturday 96.


  1. Ticklebear - The slides scanned okay but came out a little dark - at least when not back-lit. Is that typical? I'll probably lighten them a bit and replace them. Thanks for the encouragement to give it a whirl. Liz

  2. I scanned some 1975 slides and had to do a lot of Photoshopping on them before I was satisfied with the images.

  3. What a beautiful building that was. I'm sad it's gone. It looked fairly sturdy. in any case, that 1983 photo is so beautiful with the amber light.

  4. Liz,
    I love how you treated the same subject from the "old" to the "new." Incorporating the image from google maps was a great idea. The pictures are fantastic. I'd be motivated, too.

  5. Postcardy, that has been my experience in the past as well. These came out better than expected but the colors and lighting are off a bit.

    I know that I underestimated how much my local physical photo shop was adjusting my pics before printing. The hardest thing was to get photos taken in the West developed properly here in Ohio.

    Thanks for stopping by. Liz

  6. Christine, I was heart-broken to see the current state of the Mill. When I saw the 'current' photograph I was struck once again at the importance of preserving the images. Liz

  7. Kathy, the idea of posting the old vs. a new image of the same place comes from fellow Sepian, Postcards Then and Now, http://postcardsthenandnow.blogspot.com/ by Howard in London. (I just realized that I had missed a few of his recent posts! I wondered why he had been missing from the recent Sepia Saturday lists.) The really amazing thing about his images is the number of places that appear relatively unchanged over time.

  8. nice to see something like this. so not gloomy like mine... the mill may be gone but this still looks like a lovely location.

  9. It was worth the effort. A lovely old building. However, I am completely disheartened by the thought of the twenty boxes of slides my parents have now owned up to possessing. I will have to go through them and digitise them, so that they (and we) can enjoy them before they deteriorate (the slides that is not my parents).

  10. Ticklebear - it is totally okay to be gloomy when recalling such horrific times! I totally loved your SS96. It brought back memories of Kent State - a very unsettling time.

  11. Nell, I really would never have the time to digitize the entire slide collection. I am experimenting with using a digitization shop for a group of them. If that works out, I may ultimately digitize all. Your comment about deterioration makes me realize that I don't have forever to get this done!

  12. Liz,
    Thank you for stopping by. So true-we never take the time.


  13. Oh wow, it was such an amazing building...and how sad it is of what remains...of course I guess there's just enough left there to claim what once was....it could be a multi-level condo site!

  14. Great work Liz. That's an impressive building and some slides which are far better quality than the ones I've had scanned. I have so many to scan that I've been thinking of buying a decent scanner, but then there's the question of time. I know that a shop will never devote the time to cleaning the dust off them that I know affects the quality. When I see the results of your efforts, I'm moptivated once again to rethink it.

  15. What a shame the building wasn't maintained properly and that it should be allowed to fall into ruins relatively recently.

  16. Now, that boy in the doorway could tell a tale or two.

  17. What a gorgeous building. Such a shame it's gone.
    Ladies of the grove

  18. Great Quality Images (Slides Are So Crispier Usually) What An Impressive Building.So Sad It Crumbled.Great Post!


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