About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Liz Stratton.  I'm a genealogist, bibliophile, bicyclist, hiker, camper and perennial student. Net, when not reading something, somewhere, I am outdoors enjoying a welcome change of pace.

I love to learn new things and I'm certain to do so with my latest project - see About this Blog.  I am not an expert on dating or analyzing photographs or on archival practices. See the links to other blogs for experts.  I welcome your comments, suggestions and expertise!

I hope you enjoy the photographs, memorabilia and stories they inspire.  I welcome contributions of materials from family members whether in original or digital form.  Once original items have been photographed or scanned, I will package them for archival storage and return them to you.  My personal collection is limited in scope and I would love to include broader representation of all our families.  You can contact me at Liz Stratton.

This blog is dedicated to my mother who serves as an ongoing inspiration. I loved both the stories handed down orally and the ones she recorded in her book.