Name Index

Below is a limited alphabetical listing of the people featured in various blogs. Click on the image below the name to read the story. This is not a comprehensive name index. Use the search feature on the sidebar to find all post related to a specific person.

Amidon, Virginia 'Tish' (Stratton)
Baker, Lucy (Hamblin) (1804-1895)
Manchester, Asa

Manchester, John

Manchester, Richard
Mansur, Viola (Manchester) (1894-1981)

Stratton, Charles W., I (1832-1886)
Stratton, Charles W., II (1876-1945)
Stratton, Charles W., III (1918-1996)

Stratton, Francis Leda (1878-1973)

Stratton, Lucy (Baker) (1839-1926)
Stratton, Mira Rockwell (Main) (1881-1926)
Warwick, Amaryllis 'Mern' (Hopkins)
Warwick, Chester Arthur (1903-1973)
Warwick, Henry Clay
Warwick, Manchester 'Chet'
Warwick, Pearl Marie 'Marie' (1902-1923)
Updated: 21 November 2012