08 February 2013

Funeral Card Friday: Francis Leda Stratton

Leda's Memorial Obituary card was found while scanning the Stratton Family Papers. To make finding this image easier, keyword tags have been applied much the same way labels are used in blogger. Keywords applied in Lightroom can be 'pushed' into the image Metadata making them searchable outside Lightroom. (Tags can also be applied using Windows see, Tag Pictures so They're Easier to Find.)

In this case, keywording led me to an interesting discovery! Sometimes software can help us find connections when our minds do not. I had not noticed that both Leda and her niece were involved with the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. A story worth further exploration!

Francis Leda 'Leda' Stratton (1878-1973) has been featured in Attics and Old Lace before in a Sepia Saturday 94  as a young girl. Leda became a very beautiful woman who created fabulous hand-made lace and fine needlework. Her great grand-niece wrote to say, "Would love to see more pictures of her as a young woman. I always suspected she was beautiful and very feminine from the boxes of her things (which include hand bags, perfumes, night gowns and needlework books) that we have in storage."  Leda is shown below ca 1920 very much the beauty described.

Francis Leda Stratton


  1. This is a nice tribute. I need to learn more about tags and labels. I have learned recently (or relearned) that when doing family history, you have to start at the end sometimes. You don't do family history in the same order as the person lived. :-). Check the obituaries right away if you can find one.

    Regards, Grant

  2. I'm back to join up. :-)

    Regards, Grant

  3. Grant, thanks for your comments. I love using tags and labels and Lightroom makes it really easy.

    You are right that it is best to start with what you know and work towards the end of person's life and then backtrack from there.


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