26 August 2011

Welcome to my attic!

Well, at least my virtual attic.  My house doesn't even have an attic!  This blog was inspired by a Genealogy Guys podcast.  Drew Smith had just received a couple of boxes of memorabilia.  As items were pulled from the box, some inspired further analysis - a clue, a new research avenue, a question ....  The program was intriguing and inspiring.

I thought of my boxes at home and all the boxes scattered amongst various family members.  First I was struck by the shear immensity of the task and secondly,  by how to make the family treasures available to those who would be most interested.  What good were any precious documents and photos in unlabeled boxes?  Convinced that the boxes would somehow magically empty, sort themselves and jump into archival sleeves, I blithely went about my way.

A year later, the only movement of the boxes was from a corner of the living room to a less obvious corner of the kitchen.  I clearly needed an impetus to begin. Inspiration arrived in the whirlwind that is Kathy Reed.  She is fanatical about blogging and soon convinced me that a blog would be a perfect way to share any treasures.  Maureen Taylor's seminar in Kentucky provided the step-by-step procedure for tackling a box of photos and memorabilia

I can't wait to get started!  This is a record of my journey.  From evaluating scanners and software to learning how to properly preserve and archive, it promises to be a great learning experience.

Thanks for stopping by,
Liz Stratton

By the way, there really was a skeleton in the attic.  More on that later ....


  1. Welcome to the genealogy blogging community, Liz!

  2. Welcome to the geneabloggers community! Love the title of your blog!


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