09 January 2012

Motivation Monday: January 2012

I really liked the approach to goals being taken by Stephanie over at Corn and Cotton. I'm late for the first Monday of the month but rather than miss a month, I'm posting a week late. So what are my archiving goals for January?

One Small Goal
'Stack' all the duplicate photographs imported into Lightroom to make it easier to evaluate and digitally archive duplicates. With Lightroom, there is no need to keep different photo sizes or formats on my computer. I was stunned to learn that my previous cataloging software had duplicated the images each time they were used in a project. For some favorite photos, I have over 20 copies! (Guess I won't be needing that larger hard drive after all.)

One Bigger Goal
Scan and archive newspaper clippings collected in 1999 and 2003 (See Archiving Newspaper Clippings.) The supplies have arrived I have no more excuses!

One Long Term Goal
Finish photo restoration for the next story in my mother's book and add to the Picaboo book in progress.

It is amazing how breaking things down into 'bite-size' pieces makes it seem so much less daunting!

Follow Up Friday, January 13
One Small Goal: 6,180 photos reviewed and stacked, 4261 to go!

One Bigger Goal: Blocked out time to scan the newspapers Saturday morning. I'm hoping for some warmer days to complete the deacidification and encapsulation!

One Long Term Goal: The pictures have been restored other than fixing a little red fading on the edge of one of the photographs. I will need to learn how to use some additional features in Lightroom to fix that! I still need to add them to the book along with the text.


  1. Liz:
    I'm so glad that you linked up on Motivation Monday because it meant that I've now found your blog! It is beautiful! I can't wait to read more. You've got great goals. Who knew that I might have duplicate photo images on my computer? Time for me to add checking that to my list.

    I love how you've organized them! And, I love how they take on a positive outlook across the board. I can't wait to see how you progress through them this year.

    Here's the new link to Motivation Monday on the new website (goal #1 done!)

    Link up over there. All of the future linkups will be on the new site.

  2. After reading this very interesting post of yours, I should check out this Motivation Monday blog too! Thanks! I just spent a few hours this weekend pouring over some of my old floppy disks....and there are some real keepsakes in them.....!

  3. Thanks for your post! I have a ton of old (and relatively new) photographs that really need organizing! What a great plan!

  4. Thanks for all the support! I'm realizing that I will need to block out the time if I want to get my goals accomplished. It seemed like such a manageable list but ....

  5. Hmmm, I am going to have to seriously rethink how much can be accomplished in months of excessive travel!


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